Come One, Come All, to The City Dog Blog

Welcome! This page shall work much like an instruction manual or perhaps just an outline of my blog site, but, whatever – use the site as you wish, just don’t jack my style or my dog.  Thanx. – LG

The Girl and The Dog: Read up on me and my dog here. duh.

Morning Morsels: I am that person with a Pinterest board for all categories of quotes to help me through the journey of life. This page is intended to be just that, for you. Best if used in the morning with a cup of Joe.

Posts: Miss a post or want to scroll through all of my jibber-jabber? Check this page out. All posts, by tittle.

How To: I’ve always wanted to publish a How To article, you know, silly yet practical or maybe just one or the other, I haven’t decided yet. Think How To Loose A Guy In 10 Days type.

Dog Friendly: I have been scouting Houston for dog friendly establishments since I moved back in 2015. Check out my findings and favorite dog friendly city things to do here.